The Scoop:

We had another solid turnout with 28 on Lake Winnsboro.

FIRST Place was taken by Bill Gift with 14.70.

SECOND Place was taken by Paul "Show Me The Money....Again" Gibbons with 11.79

THIRD Place spot nailed down by Preston Wood at 9.77

FOURTH Place taken by Tony Goodman with 8.89

FIFTH Place grabbed by Billy Hughes with 8.66.

BIG Fishies...... First was a 4.82 by Money Man Paul Gibbons.  Second was a 4.70 by Preston Wood!

As you can see, the fishing was pretty tough....finding some weight.  Evidenced by only two Double Digit bags.

OK.....on to summer time fishing in June!  Next derby is our first TWO day event of the year on mighty TOLEDO BEND......... freakin' awesome!

Current AOY through May 2017 is Mr. Bill Gift......can anyone catch him?  Remember, "First Drop" after June tournament!