East Texas BASS Association


East Texas Bass Association was established in 1976.  Through the years ETBA has been a Honey Hole club, a B.A.S.S. club, and now a TBF/FLW club (The Bass Federation & FLW)  (TBF Club # 11051)

A few of the clubs recent highlights include:

2011 Texas State B.A.S.S. Federation Nation STATE CHAMPIONS on Lake Sam Rayburn

2012 Texas State B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, 2nd place team on Lake Amistad.

​2014 Texas State B.A.S.S. Federation Nation STATE CHAMPIONS on Lake Amistad

2015  Texas TBF Top-6 Champions

​2016  Texas TBF Top-6 Champions


​Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at Papacita's Mexican restaurant located at 6704 S. Broadway in Tyler, Texas.  Meetings start at 7:00pm.  All aspects of club business are discussed and voted on. Tournament checks are given to the previous months winners and guys are pretty good about sharing how and where they caught fish. 

Annual Open Tournament:

Since 1985, ETBA has held its Annual OPEN Tournament on Lake Tyler or Lake Palestine.  This event is open to all who want to fish.  It's a great event and draws anglers from all over.

Yearly Points Standings:    UPDATE for 2018 coming!
Club standings will be determined by a point system.  An anglers best 10 of the 12 tournaments a year plus the meeting points for the year will combine to make up an anglers total points
ETBA points awarded will be as follows:     
        1st -  105
        2nd - 100   (dropped 5 points from 1st place)
        3rd -    99
        4th -    98
        5th -    97
         6th -   94   (dropped 3 points from 5th place)
7th and beyond will be awarded one less point than the previous contestant that weighs a fish.  Anglers that do not weigh any fish will be awarded 5 less points than the last contestant that weighed a fish.  Ties will be given equal points of the highest tying place of those anglers in the tie. Points awarded after the tie will resume as if there were no tie and the points had decreased per the scale above.

Points awarded for club meeting attendants will be added to the points total.  5 points will be awarded to each member present at a regular scheduled monthly club meeting from January through November. A member can accumulate a maximum of 40 meeting points during this eleven month period.  A member can receive 5 addition points by attending the December meeting, and 5 additional points for volunteering time to work the open or other club sponsored evens resulting in a 50 point possible maximum meeting point total per member during the twelve month club year.  Special provisions are allowed for people that work during our meetings and/or live more than 40 miles from our meeting place (see our ByLaws for details).

The tournament season runs January through December.  We hold 12 monthly tournaments and allow you Two "DROP" tournaments.  Your end of year standings will consist of your best 10 tournament results and all your meeting points earned.

Each year the club's top anglers in points standings will advance to the TBF/FLW State Qualifier Tournament (usually in early April).  The top 12 anglers will have their entry fee paid into the State Qualifier, plus the Top-6 anglers will receive Travel Money for this event.  Of the anglers we send to State, Half will be boaters and Half will be Non-Boaters.  At the State Qualifier we will compete on an individual basis to make the State's 12-man team and advance to the TBF Divisional Championship in hopes of advancing to the TBF Federation National Championship Tournament and ultimately to the Forrest Wood Cup Championship.    Plus there's the $100,000 "Living The Dream Package"!!!!

Every Spring we will have our "Best of the Rest" tournament for those that did not make the State Qualifying event.  This event is normally held along with our regular April Tournament.


​We hold tournaments each month January to December (usually the first or second weekend of the month). Tournaments are an "Individual", 5-fish event that start at "Safe-light" and last 9 hours.  Entry fee is $35 with an optional $5 Big Bass side pot.  Members can choose to fish either Saturday or Sunday and twice a year we have Two-day tournaments where you can fish one or both days and we count your highest days weight. The tournament ramp will be decided at the prior months meeting with exception on the (2) two-day tournaments which the board will set those ramp locations at the start of the year to accomadate travel plans.


You have Two Membership options when joining ETBA.......Pro-Level and Club-Level.

1.  Pro-Level membership will include membership to ETBA, TBF (The Bass Federation), FLW, as well as          an FLW magazine subscription.  Pro-Level membership will allow you to fish all TBF/FLW events.

2.  Club-Level membership will allow you to fish all ETBA Club events

The Membership Fee breakdown is as follows:

​$85  Pro-Level - (Includes:  ETBA $20, TBF State $15, TBF National, FLW Dues & magazine $50)

​$20  Club-Level - (Includes: ETBA $20)

2017 Officers:

​President:                       Randy Parks           903-504-7392                 email:        rdparks68@gmail.com

​Vice President:               Ronnie Simmons    903-780-0468

​Secretary:                       Lance Eitel Jr.        903-571-7694

Treasurer:                       Tim Haugh             903-825-6225

Tournament Director:      Bill Gift                   479-518-5581                  email:         billgift@yahoo.com